How Acupuncture Works

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is a rich tradition of medicine informed by modern medicine but built on a foundation of more than 2,500 years of Chinese medical practice that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, and more. It has always been widely used in China and has become increasingly embraced worldwide in the last several decades as it has been recognized to be effective for so many ailments.

One of the basic tenets of TCM holds that the body's vital energy (Qi or Chi) circulates through channels, called meridians, which have branches that connect to bodily organs and functions. By stimulating specific points that are related to a health concern, restorative energy is sent to the afflicted areas helping return them to healthy function. This is the theoretical basis of acupuncture.

Many find this idea hard to believe . . . until they see it work for themselves.


Services Offered by Lawrence Tepper

Lawrence Tepper, MS MAC uses his 27 years of experience and extensive training in numerous modalities of healing to develop an individualized approach with each patient. An eclectic blend of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chinese Herbs, Breath Work and Nutritional Counseling form the core tools of his practice. The Toyohari style of non-invasive Japanese acupuncture is his specialty and, as no needles need to be inserted, it is pain-free and comfortable for all, even children.

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Toyohari – Acupuncture without needles – can be effective in treating many conditions . . .

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, wherever it afflicts the body, hinders daily activities and lessens your quality of life. Medications may mask the pain, but often do not treat its source. Let Lawrence identify the true source of your pain and target it with an acupuncture treatment plan to help you overcome the pain that is holding you back.

Back/Neck Pain • Joint Pain • Headaches/Migraines • Fibromyalgia • Car Accident Injuries • Sports Injuries • Menstrual Pain

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Acupuncture can help relieve other Chronic Conditions too

Because acupuncture can target most any organ or function in the body, it is nearly unlimited in the conditions that it can help improve or even completely clear. Many are surprised to hear that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can also address:

Depression • Anxiety • Panic Attacks • Chronic Fatigue • Insomnia • Lyme Disease • Stress-Related Disorders

Digestive Issues • High Blood Pressure • Allergies • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder • Menstrual Complaints


Toyohari Acupuncture can even improve chances of Conception!

Fertility issues can be addressed because acupuncture can regulate the blood flow and hormone levels, making the body more receptive to conception. Toyohari acupuncture also effectively reduces stress associated with fertility challenges. Call Lawrence today to learn more about how non-invasive Toyohari acupuncture in a comfortable environment might work for you.


Acupuncture for Children

Working with children takes a sensitive approach. Lawrence can provide exactly that with the needle-less acupuncture of Shonishin, a specialized form of acupuncture for infants and children. Widely practiced in Japan, Shonishin translates literally as “children’s needles.” Painless and gentle, Shonishin uses silver tools to stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points. These tools are stroked, rubbed, tapped, or pressed lightly against the skin to provide gentle stimulation. These techniques harmonize and fortify the child’s vital energy and strengthen developing organs. Because it is not invasive in any way, children generally enjoy the treatment. Parents can even be instructed on simple techniques to perform at home, making the healing process even less stressful for their children. Treatable conditions include:

Earaches • Headaches • Fevers • Allergies • Asthma • Eczema • Hives • Digestive Issues • Nightmares • Sleep Disorders


Achieve Optimal Health & Wellness

Lawrence Tepper, MS MAC is dedicated to helping you attain total body health through traditional Chinese medicine and nutritional counseling. Detoxify your body, become more resistant to illness, and improve your energy and vitality. Call today to learn more about the effective, ancient art of Oriental medicine and how it can help you maintain a high level of health throughout your life. Your initial 30 minute consultation with Lawrence Tepper, MS MAC is complimentary.

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